Why this website?

There are many ways to have an impact on our society, and open source is one of those. But finding those impactful projects among all is this challenging, and the open-source map is changing every day. This website helps you find them: projects that matching your aspirations (health, society, environment, ...), and skills.

By providing an easier way to find meaningful projects that people truly want to contribute to, we hope to accelerate those initiative and their positive impact on our society.

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Contributors are welcome, and source is licensed under GPL-3.0:

  • The source code of the fronted is available on the Frontend repository
  • The static list of projects is available on the Projects repository
  • The backend is available to internal contributors, but not open-source yet for security reasons

Thank you! 🎉

We are standing on the shoulders of giants, countless contributions, and this website is no exception. While it would be impossible to list everyone, we wanted to thank:

And more generally, thank you to:
  • all open-source developers
  • the maintainers of meaningful and open-source projects
  • those who shared and continue sharing these projects to a broader audience
  • ... and everyone who is giving their time to make a social impact

We are all forever grateful.


  • Adrien Leravat
    Adrien Leravat

    Working on embedded software by day, passionate about learning and teaching technology. Feel free to get in touch!